Volunteer Spotlight

Featuring some of our wonderful volunteers

Andy and Fran Moretti

Husband and wife team, Andy and Fran Moretti always show up at The Clinic with a smile and open hearts.  Fran has been a volunteer RN for over ten years while Andy is approaching his two year anniversary with us.  

After retirement, Fran really missed nursing and also felt a desire to help the underserved community.  The Clinic’s mission encompassed both of her passions, and ten years later, she never looked back.

When Andy retired as a tooling and process engineer, The Clinic had just sent out an announcement for a Volunteer Handyman.  With his natural talent, Andy was a perfect fit.  Every week he happily arrives and paints, drills, and fixes everything that the old building can throw at him.    

When asked why they continue to volunteer at The Clinic, they both unanimously agreed that they “Love It” here.  The patients, volunteers, and staff are so welcoming and appreciative of everything they do.  Throw in the desire to share their talents and compassionate nature and you have a recipe for volunteer success.  

When not volunteering at The Clinic or at their church, they enjoy spending time with their two children, four grandchildren, and great grandson.  They also enjoy traveling, theatre, and recreational day trips.  With Andy’s hobby of cooking and Fran’s baking talent, they are a perfect couple!